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This community needs to not die. I know I'm not exactly doing my part in this because, alright, I'll just say it: I keep forgetting it's here. For some odd reason, it's not on my friends page. It could be because I don't want to be bombarded by Prong's odd ramblings, or it could be because I multi-task too often and am very forgetful. Either way, it's not. It is now, and there is much rejoicing. 

I'm feeling very myself tonight, siriously. It could because I have about 15 thank-you cards to write in less than 8 hours. Plus, I have to find the addresses and mail them. Oh, and I have to pack for the weekend. And shower at some point. Why, oh why, don't I have your work ethic, Moons? Can I borrow it? Just for this year, so I start off on the right paw at university? Please? I'm sure  you'll be fine without it. 

By the way, I'm attempting, yet again, to download the second installment of Pirates. We can only hope that it's actually the film and not more Asian porn. I don't want to see girls taking off their shirts again. This isn't Amsterdam! Okay, half of it's downloaded. And... it's it! There's Orlando! SCORE. However, the quality is, well, shite. Humph. I really should just wait a few months and buy it legally. Why must I always flaunt authority? 

Siriously yours, as always,
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