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On Papers at the End of the Year...

Mlle Prongs asks Mlle. Moony and Mlle. Padfoot...and Lily too:

Why are papers always given at the end of quarters/semesters/years? Do teachers not think we know enough at the beginning of school or after breaks? Do they think that the information leaks out our ears if it is not pack in constantly with a stream of facts?

Why do they not know to give us papers when we have no choice and a sufficient amount of determination. I would be more willing to write a paper after a break...those usually give me time to reflect on my life and think: I have no life and am bored, maybe school is not so bad. Teachers should take advantage of that mentality!

Right now I am digging deep and scrounging for the last ounce of "give a fuck" in my vegetative brain! So, pardon my midnight ramblings!

=and does the first entry dance=
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