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Who the bloody hell are you people?

Mlle. Moony - Just a few midwestern girls looking for a cheap thrill.
Mlle. Prongs - Females with delusions of grandeur. And I mean that in a totally non-degrading way.
Mlle. Padfoot - The Marauders, of course, only female. And there’s only 3/4s of us. Who wants a Wormtail anyway?

Why do you have a whole community devoted to you?

Mlle. Moony - Well, we were starting to accumulate a fair amount of Marauder-ish material, and I, Mlle. Moony, decided it would be more efficient to have a place to store our inane Marauder-ish rambling away from our normal, sane friends.
Mlle. Prongs - Mlle. Prongs agrees with Mlle. Moony. I would like to add that we figured this was a safe place to store our deepest, darkest secrets...
Mlle. Padfoot – The better question is: why do you have to ask? Isn’t it obvious?

Why Marauders? Why now?

Mlle. Moony - Oh, that was my doing, too. I got bored while doing homework one night (gasp) and decided to start labeling my friends without their permission. Luckily, Mlle. Padfoot was more amused with the idea than offended, and we dug our claws in tight to our respected Marauders. And why now? Why not?
Mlle. Prongs - In response to Mlle. Moony: Labeling happens. I forgive you. And as for "why now?" We just decided to add mischievous activity to our already increasingly interesting senior year.
Mlle. Padfoot – We just all happen to have strong characteristics reminiscent of the Marauders, so why not monopolize them? I wholeheartedly agree with Mlle. Moony on her answer to “Why now?”.

Moony, Padfoot, and Prongs?

Mlle. Moony - The incorrigible silvinarrow was given Prongs for obvious reasons. silvinarrow + upthedose = CHAOS, DESTRUCTION, INSANITY! She's easy to laugh, and extremely dependable. A "Grade A" friend. And there are very few people who would have the heart to double back and risk their neck for their worst enemy. She's one of those few people. Giving her Prongs required half a neuron of thought.
Mlle. Prongs - Our beloved Snuffles was easy to choose, upthedose has all of the characteristics that Sirius embodies. A sharp, entertaining wit, an unending desire to cause mayhem and madness (of which I will completely support), and if she is ever angry at you she will tell you so with no qualms...and make you regret ever crossing her! She hits hard, bites, claws, and will gladly pass on her fleas! LOL, jk, I love you alkjfdsdfhgm8oiavwjr; ...I done... I promise you, Snuffles, I'll think up something better when I am not coming down off a caffeine high!
Mlle. Padfoot - [Bad username: westenralane] happened upon Moony, and she works quite well off Prongs and I, so it sticks. Moons is always good for a laugh, even if she is trying her hardest to ignore me and be studious. She’ll always give into the temptation of her friends, much to our joy. She offers sage advice, which we promptly don’t follow, knowing that we should. She’s there later to say, “I told you so,” while Prongs and I are rolling on the floor in some sort of self-imposed pain. But most of all, she loves us despite our mishaps, tempers, flaws, and blatant insanity. Sidenote: I do NOT have fleas.

Why no Wormtail?

Mlle. Moony - We haven't found someone utterly devoted to us yet. As in, utterly devoted that if we left them they'd go absolutely bleeding bonkers! ...That doesn't mean the position isn't open, of course. But as of right now, we have a Lily who is quite scared of us. I feel all is as it should be.
Mlle. Prongs - =squee= I <33 Lily in a completely platonic way! And as for the Wormtail issue...well, I've never been one to be in favor of betrayal...Though I do like the idea of a flunky...Let's just say the idea of an additional group member/devotee is an ongoing inner battle.
Mlle. Padfoot – As I stated before, who really wants a sniveling little rodent anyway? In contrast to Mlle. Moony, though, I have to say that I'm sure there are loads of poor souls devoted to us, they’re just too afraid to come out and say so. Afraid or in awe.

Will we ever hear from Lily?

Lily - ...When?
Mlle. Moony - Answer for our FAQ page!
Lily - ... I'm confused
Mlle. Moony - ...Be that way. To actually answer the question...I hope so. She's allowed full Marauder rights, and we'll constantly nag her to view the community as often as possible. But, since she's more sensible than all of us combined, I wouldn't blame her for staying away.
Mlle. Prongs - Since she is a tad bit more sane than the rest of us, I am sure she will give her much valued opinion from time to time...which of course will be ignored...It's not that I don't want to marry you babe, just don't try and change me!!!
Mlle. Padfoot – Knowing her, probably rarely. She just can’t deal with all of us in our concentrated forms. Hopefully, though, she’ll join in eventually.

Do you follow any of the Marauder 'ships?

Mlle. Moony - No. Though Mlle. Padfoot and Mlle. Prongs like to pretend.
Mlle. Prongs - Secretly Mlle. Moony and Mlle. Padfoot have a "thing" for each other...but don't tell them that I told you.
Mlle. Padfoot – Excuse me while I slay my dear Mlle. Prongs.

Why don't you open the community up to allow MORE Marauders?

Mlle. Moony - Putting two Sirius-like people in the same community together would mean pure pandemonium. All us poor Remus-types and Lily-types would stare on in utter bemusement. I have a feeling all the Prongs-people would go off to make a sandwich and fill a few water balloons for later use.
Mlle. Prongs - Actually, I would probably go make a nice pot of tea...and I agree with Mlle. Moony, one Sirius is more than enough...I would worry about ol' Snivellus, he would have to leave the school to not die a horrible death, the country to not have his hair died many shades of magenta, and the world for him to never be bothered again (but then again, I'm sure the multiple Siriuses would find a way around that tiny problem too...). I guess what I am trying to say is that...I don't know what I am trying to say!
Mlle. Padfoot – We don’t need any more Marauders! Aren’t we enough to satisfy your needs?

You suck. You're oppressing my creativity and Marauder love! I WANT TO JOIN A GROUP!

Mlle. Moony - Tough cookies, home fry.
Mlle. Padfoot – You have no real creativity, since this is all based off a book someone else wrote. And if you love us so, you could be our Wormtail. If you can figure out how to, make your own group, decorate it as pretty, and try, just try to match our wit. You will fail in your endeavor.

You all really are quite nutty, you know?

Mlle. Moony - Yes. We're quite aware.
Mlle. Prongs - And proud of it! Where would Macadamia be without nuts? Their economy would fail!
Mlle. Moony - ...
Mlle. Padfoot – It takes one to know one, love. As for Macademia, no further comments.

So...I guess I'll see you later?

Mlle. Moony - Sure! If you're hip to our jive.
Mlle. Prongs - Fo shiz.
Mlle. Padfoot – Yes. If we deign to make your acquaintance once again, of course.
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